Aurora Commands

Aurora CLI

When connected to Aurora via a USB serial or Bluetooth LE connection, Aurora exposes a library of commands to control various aspects of the device. These same commands are used within Aurora Profiles to customize behavior after Aurora starts up and detects an active signal.

A list of available commands can be found below, or alternatively by issuing the help command. Here are a few tips when using commands:

  • Parameters in brackets are optional, however you must specify values for all the parameters leading up to the last parmaeter that requires a non-default value.
  • Number parameters support hexadecimal, octal, and decimal notation. Internally strtol is used for the conversion.
  • Parameters that require a "truthy" value consider anything that isn't 0 as true.

Command List

Command Description
ble-advert-start Advertise Aurora over BLE (must be disconnected).
ble-advert-stop Stop advertising Aurora over BLE.
ble-disconnect Disconnect the Aurora from an existing BLE connection.
ble-flash Flash new firmware onto the Aurora's BLE module.
ble-info Display Aurora BLE module and connection information.
ble-reset Resets the Aurora's bluetooth module.
buzz-note Buzzes a note.
buzz-song Plays a song file.
clock-alarm-display Displays all alarms and their status.
clock-alarm-free Clears existing alarm.
clock-alarm-set Sets alarm to specific time.
clock-alarm-set-rel Sets an alarm N milliseconds in the future.
clock-alarm-type-display Displays all recurring alarm types.
clock-display Displays the system date/time.
clock-set Sets the system date/time.
clock-timer-display Displays all timers and their status.
clock-timer-free Stops a running timer.
clock-timer-set Sets a timer N milliseconds in the future.
event-display Displays all events.
event-fire Manually fires event.
event-output-disable Disables 1 or more events' outputs.
event-output-display Displays all event outputs.
event-output-enable Enables 1 or more events' outputs.
led-alternate Immediately alternate between two LED states.
led-blink Immediately blink one or more LEDs
led-demo Crazy psychedelic LED demo.
led-set Immediately set color and brightness of one or more LEDs
led-transition Immediately transition between two LED states.
log-level-display Displays all log levels and their status.
log-message Generates a log message.
log-output-disable Disables 1 or more log levels' output.
log-output-display Displays all log outputs and their status.
log-output-enable Enables 1 or more log levels' output. If called without args, enables defaults.
os-flash Flashes new firmware from a sdcard file.
os-flash-bootloader Flashes new bootloader firmware from a sdcard file.
os-info Displays system information.
os-reset Performs a system reset, optionally into DFU mode.
os-shutdown Shutdown system and power down.
os-sleep Go into sleep mode.
os-test Performs a comprehensive system test.
os-thread-display Displays all created threads and their status.
prof-execute Executes a section within the currently loaded profile.
prof-load Loads a profile from the 'profiles' folder.
prof-unload Unloads any currently loaded profile.
sd-dir-create Creates a new directory.
sd-dir-del Deletes the specified directory and any files. Use with caution.
sd-dir-read Displays the contents of a specified directory, optionally filtered.
sd-file-del Deletes the specified file. Use with caution.
sd-file-info Prints file information to the command line.
sd-file-read Prints the contents of a file to the command line.
sd-file-write Creates a file from command line input.
sd-format Formats and prepares SD card. Triggers a reset.
sd-rename Renames the specified file or directory.
sd-test Tests sdcard functionality.
stream-config Set stream configuration value.
stream-debug Toggle stream debugging mode.
stream-display Displays available streams and their status.
stream-output-disable Disables 1 or more streams' outputs.
stream-output-display Displays available stream outputs.
stream-output-enable Enables 1 or more streams' outputs.
stream-sample Prints a single stream sample.
stream-session Starts/Stops a stream session.
usb-mode Change USB mode.


Outputs available commands and usage information.

Usage: display available commands

help [command]
Parameter Description
[command] If provided, displays usage information for the specified command.

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