Command Errors

When a command fails, an error code and brief description is returned. Error codes returned by Aurora are always positive, since negative error codes are reserved for use on the mobile/desktop side.

Error Codes

Error Code Description
1 Command not found.
2 Command missing required arguments.
3 Command specified too many arguments.
4 Command requires SD Card but it's disabled, not mounted, or missing.
5 Battery too low to run command.
6 Invalid context (internal error)
7 Command was supposed to produce output, but didn't.
8 Command received unexpected input.
9 Command not permitted while a profile is loaded.
10 Command not permitted without a profile already loaded.
11 Command not permitted without the USB cable attached.
12 Complete file path exceeds the maximum number of characters.
13-20 Reserved.
21-30 Invalid parameter specified. (21 = 1st parameter, 30 = 10th parmaeter)
32 Command requires BLE functionality but BLE module is disabled.
33 Command requires BLE connection.
34 Command requires BLE be disconnected.
35 BLE firmware file not found.
36 BLE flash failed for unknown reason.
37 Command requires buzzer functionality but buzzer module is disabled.
38 Buzzer song directory is missing.
39 Buzzer song file not found.
40 Buzzer volume/velocity parameter outside of supported range.
41 Command requires clock but clock module is disabled.
42 Invalid timer_id specified.
43 Invalid alarm type specified.
44 All available alarms already in use.
45 All available timers already in use.
46 Command requires event functionality but event module is disabled.
47 Specified event_id not found.
48 Command requires LED functionality but LED module is disabled.
49 Invalid color parameter specified.
50 Command requires log functionality but log module is disabled.
51 Invalid log level specified.
52 OS firmware file not found.
53 Command requires profile functionality but profile module is disabled.
54 Profiles directory is missing.
55 Profile file not found.
56 Command requires stream functionality but stream module is disabled.
57 Specified stream_id not found.
58 Specified file already in use.
59 Failed auto-renaming file.
60 Failed overwriting existing file.
61 Specified file couldn't be opened.
62 Unknown error when closing file.
63 Unknown error when saving file.
64 Specified file could not be deleted.
65 Specified directory already in use.
66 Specified directory couldn't be opened.
67 Unknown error when closing directory.
68 Unknown error when saving directory.
69 Specifying root directory is not allowed.
70 Specified file or directory missing.
71 Specified file or directory already exists.
72 CRC check failed.
73 Unknown error when renaming file.
74 Unknown error when renaming temporary file.
75 Failed creating directory.
76 Command requires USB functionality but USB module is disabled.
77 Already have existing VCOM connection.
78 Already have a pending VCOM connection.
79 VCOM connection does not exist.
80 Already have an existing MSD connection.
81 Already have a pending MSD connection.
82 MSD connection does not exist.
83 Invalid USB mode specified.
84-99 Reserved.
100-127 Not used.

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