Aurora Apps

The recommended way of interacting with Aurora is through our official apps available for multiple platforms. All apps require a free Aurora Cloud account, which allows collected data and configuration settings to be synced between apps.

Aurora Mobile

Aurora Mobile was designed with nightly use in mind. It allows users to easily connect to Aurora, choose alarm times, configure essential settings, and view/collect basic sleep data.

Download for iOS Download for Android

Aurora Desktop

Aurora Desktop is for those looking for more control. It provides a more in-depth view of sleep data, access to raw data streams, advanced controls for settings like the smart alarm clock and REM stimulation features, and a built-in command console for running arbitrary Aurora commands. Aurora Desktop is also used to download firmware updates to the Aurora.

Download for Windows* Download for MacOS

* Supported versions: Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit only. If you are having difficulty connecting with Windows 7, see this FAQ.


These are the same libraries used in the official Aurora apps above. We encourage all develoeprs to check them out and help us improve them!

iOS Android NodeJS

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