Device Operation

This page describes Aurora's various operational states. Flow charts are used to help clarify the transitions between those states. Keep in mind that most users will find the instructional pamphlet included with Aurora to be sufficient for normal use.

Powering On/Off

Turn Aurora on by pressing the button on top of the unit. A brief startup chime indicates the unit has booted up. Depending on whether Aurora is connected to a USB power source, the Aurora will either boot into Charge Mode or Idle Mode.

The Aurora can be turned off at any time by holding down the button for approximately 4 seconds, at which point the LEDs will turn red. When the LEDs turn red, release the button to complete the shutdown procedure. A brief chime indcates the unit has successfully shutdown. See below for other actions and events that can trigger a shutdown.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Power OffPushbuttonPressed?StartupBLE Initial AdvertiseUSB cableattached?Charge ModeIdle Modeyesnoyesno

Charge Mode

When Aurora is turned on and plugged in to a power source via USB, it enters Charge Mode. While in this mode, Aurora will slowly pulsate the LEDs to indicate Aurora's current battery level:

Color Charge Level
RED Low Battery
ORANGE Medium Battery
GREEN Full Battery

If a connection is established, the Aurora will automatically exit Charge Mode and enter Command Mode. Disconnecting power from the Aurora while in Charge Mode will cause the Aurora to shutdown.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Charge ModeLED BatteryIndicatorUSB / BLEconnection?Command ModeUSB Cabledetached?ShutdownPower OffPushbuttonpressed?BLE Advertise(if not connected)Pushbuttonheld 8sec?Storage ModePushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedShutdownyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

Idle Mode

When Aurora is turned on and not connected to a USB power source, it enters Idle Mode. While in this mode, Aurora monitors the headband's EEG sensors for a signal. When a signal is detected for a continuous minute, Aurora automatically loads up the default profile (transitioning to Profile Mode), taking into effect any configuration changes made during last use.

While monitoring for a signal, Aurora is also attempting to establish a bluetooth (BLE) connection. If a BLE connection is established, the Aurora will transition to Command Mode. If neither a BLE connection or signal is detected within 5 minutes, Aurora will automatically shutdown.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Idle ModeMonitor SignalUSB / BLEconnection?Command ModePushbuttonpressed?BLE Advertise Pushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedShutdownPower OffHave signalfor 1 min?Load Default ProfileProfile ModeNo signal for5 min?Auto Shutdownyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

Command Mode

Whenever a connection is established (either USB or BLE) and Aurora is not currently in Profile Mode, Aurora will enter Command Mode. While in this mode, Aurora waits to receive commands from the connected device. See the commands section for details regarding available commands.

When the active connection is lost, Aurora will either transition to Charge Mode or Idle Mode depending on whether the USB cable is attached.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Command ModeProfile Loaded?Profile ModePushbuttonpressed?BLE Advertise(if not connected) Pushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedShutdownPower OffHave USB andBLE connection?Lost USB connection?USB cableattached?Charge ModeShutdownLost BLEconnection?USB cableattached?Idle Modeyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

Profile Mode

Whenever a profile has loaded, Aurora enters Profile Mode. Aurora will remain in this mode until it is shutdown via a button press or instructed to unload the profile or shutdown via command.1 Aurora will also automatically shutdown after seeing two continuous hours without signal.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Profile ModeProfileunloaded?USB / BLEconnection?Command ModeShutdownPower OffNo signal for2 hr?Auto ShutdownPushbuttonpressed?BLE Advertise(if not connected) Pushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedShutdownyesnoyesnoyesnoyesyesno

1 Only a subset of commands are available in Profile Mode. This is to avoid interfering with critical systems while Aurora is collecting data and responding to events.

Storage Mode

Storage Mode allows the Aurora's onboard SD card to appear as a drive on your computer, similar to a USB thumb drive. To enter Storage Mode, first power on and connect Aurora to your computer over USB. Then press the Aurora's button for approximately 8 seconds.The LEDs will first turn red, however continue holding the button until the LEDs turn white. At this point, a new drive called "Aurora" should appear on your computer. The first time your computer connects to Aurora in Storage Mode, it might take a few minutes to locate and install drivers. This mode is useful mainly for developers looking to customize profiles manually or for researchers looking to access Aurora's sensor data directly.

The best way to exit Storage Mode is to eject the disk using your computer the same way you would eject an external USB drive. This will cause Aurora to transition back to Charge Mode. You can also turn the Aurora off normally or hold down the button for another 8 seconds, or until the LEDs go from red to off. Avoid removing the USB cable while Aurora is in Storage Mode, as this can cause Aurora's SD card to become corrupted.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4Storage ModeMount DriveDrive mounted?LEDs WhiteUSB cabledetached?ShutdownPower OffDrive ejected?Auto flashfiles present?Auto flashResetLEDs OffCharge ModePushbuttonheld 8sec? Pushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedShutdownPower Off Pushbuttonheld 4sec andreleased?LEDs RedMount timeout(30sec)?USB cabledetached?yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

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