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Looking for technical support? Have a feature request or a bug to report? We want to hear from you! Remember though, we are but a small team and unfortunately do not have the resources to employ a dedicated support staff. Because of this, it's especially important to follow our protocols which have been designed to maximize the quality of service we can provide. This means making sure your question hasn't already been answered (see troubleshooting and FAQ) and directing your issues to the appropriate place.


The fastest and most direct way to engage with the Aurora Team, get your questions answered, and interact with other Aurora users is through our dedicated Slack channel. Slack is a modern day chat application that makes it easy to communicate and share files within a community. To get started, request an invitation at and follow the emailed instructions to log into the community. Slack provides apps for all major platforms and even a web application if you would prefer not to install any apps.


As an alternative to Slack, you may get in touch with the Aurora team by emailing We do our best to respond to emails within a few days, however please be patient if it takes longer. Do not expect extensive debugging and back-and-forth troubleshooting via email correspondence; we will kindly direct you to our Slack channel to keep things efficient and to preserve our sanity.

Facebook / Kickstarter

DO NOT REQUEST SUPPORT AT OUR FACEBOOK OR KICKSTARTER PAGES. Apologies for all the caps, but this cannot be stressed enough. Given our small team size, it's important we limit the places we offer support. If you see somebody requesting support in a place they shouldn't be, please direct them to the proper channel if an Aurora team member hasn't already.


Do you want to help improve Aurora? Our SDKs are already open-source and depending on community interest, we are prepared to opensource much more. If you are interested in helping out in any capacity (even non-developer roles!), shoot over an email to

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