Reporting Bugs

Software inevitably has bugs, especially systems as complicated as the Aurora platform. We want to hear when things aren't working as expected, but it's important that reports include all the relevant information needed to identify and ultimately fix the problem. Here are a few things to consider when submitting a bug report.

  1. What were you expecting to happen?
  2. What actually happened?
  3. Has this always happened?
  4. Can you repeat the issue? If so, what are the steps?
  5. What else have you tried (related to the issue) that does or does not work?

You also want to include information about your particular device (if the report involves an Aurora app). Things like:

  1. Device make/model (i.e. Apple iPhone 6s Plus)
  2. Device software version (iOS 11.2)
  3. App version (Aurora Mobile 1.0)

These lists are not exhaustive. Go ahead and inlude anything you think might be useful for debugging purposes, i.e. screenshots, videos, etc. The more information you can provide, the better the chance the issue will get resolved in a timely fashion.

How/Where to Report

General Aurora Issues

Questions and problems mainly concerning Aurora itself and not its accompanying software can be reported in the #bug-reports Slack channel. If you are unsure if what you are experiencing is a bug, please post your question within the #general channel first.

Aurora Desktop

Bugs can be reported within Auora desktop itself which will automatically include diagnostic information about your device and unit. This can be found in the top menu bar, under Help -> Report an Issue. Feature requests can be made within the #feature-requests Slack channel.

Aurora Mobile

Aurora Mobile currently does not have an in-app bug reporting feature. For now, please direct your issues to #bug-reports and any feature requests to #feature-requests.

Aurora SDKs

Please use GitHub/GitLab's issue reporting features to report bugs, suggest features, and submit patches.

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