Data Streams

Aurora refers to any time-series data produced by or derived from its many sensors as a stream. For example, Aurora's EEG/EOG signal is considered a stream. Perhaps the most important Aurora stream is the "Sleep Stage" stream, which itself uses the EEG stream and others to predict the user's current sleep state in real-time. Each stream is identified by a unique id in the range of 0-31. Streams must first be enabled by specifying one or more Stream Outputs to receive/process its data. A complete list of streams and outputs are below.

Stream Outputs

Stream Outputs are the "receivers" of data produced by Aurora. Stream commands generally accept a mask of stream outputs. For example, an output mask of 10 would target both the File (CSV) and USB outputs since 2 + 8 = 10. Whenever the first output for a stream is enabled, any required initialization steps for the sensor are performed. Likewise, whenever the last output for a stream is disabled, any unused sensors are automatically powered down to reduce power consumption.

Stream Output Id Mask Description
Silent 0 1 Turns on the stream without actually sending its data anywhere.
File (CSV) 1 2 Outputs data to a CSV file stored on the Aurora's SD card.
File (Binary) 2 4 Outputs data in binary to a file stored on the Aurora's SD card.
USB 3 8 Outputs data over the USB VCOM port.
Log 4 16 Outputs data as log messages of type "Data".
BLE 5 32 Sends data over a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.


The following is a comprehensive list of all currently supported Aurora streams with links to more detailed information. Note that some streams are dependent on others, requiring the dependent streams be enabled as well (however they don't necessarily need the same outputs configured, just some output). Similar to Stream Outputs, most stream commands accept a mask of stream ids for targetting multiple streams with a single command. For targetting streams with large ids, hexadecimal notation is generally easier to specify. For example, the command stream-output-enable 0x00000202 10 would send both EEG and and temperature data to both the File (CSV) and USB outputs.

Stream Id Mask (Hex) Default Sample Rate Dependent Streams
Signal 0 0x00000001 1 sec/sample None
EEG 1 0x00000002 128 Hz None
Heart Rate 2 0x00000004 15 sec/sample None
Accelerometer X-axis 3 0x00000008 125 Hz None
Accelerometer Y-axis 4 0x00000010 125 Hz None
Accelerometer Z-axis 5 0x00000020 125 Hz None
Gyroscope X-axis 6 0x00000040 125 Hz None
Gyroscope Y-axis 7 0x00000080 125 Hz None
Gyroscope Z-axis 8 0x00000100 125 Hz None
Temperature 9 0x00000200 30 sec/sample None
Battery 10 0x00000400 1 min/sample None
N/A (Reserved) 11-15 N/A
Sleep Features 16 0x00010000 2 sec/sample Signal, EEG, Accel. Mag
Sleep Stager 17 0x00020000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
Sleep Tracker 18 0x00040000 30 sec/sample Sleep Stager
EEG Delta 19 0x00080000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
EEG Theta 20 0x00100000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
EEG Alpha 21 0x00200000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
EEG Beta 22 0x00400000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
EEG Gamma 23 0x00800000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
Accelerometer Magnitude 24 0x01000000 125 Hz None
Gyroscope Magnitude 25 0x02000000 125 Hz None
3d Roll 26 0x04000000 125 Hz None
3d Pitch 27 0x08000000 125 Hz None
Accelerometer Std Dev 28 0x10000000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
EEG Power Sum 29 0x20000000 2 sec/sample Sleep Features
N/A (Reserved) 30-31 N/A

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