Device Specifications


At the core of Aurora is a powerful MCU from STMicroelectronics, the STM32F411RE. This Cortex M4F based MCU is both powerful and efficient, allowing Aurora to leverage its comprehensive signal processing capabilities for complex machine learning tasks without draining the battery.

Bluetooth LE

Ultra low-power wireless connectivity is provided by a separate module, the BLE1113. This module contains its own MCU allowing it to process BLE traffic without taxing Aurora's main MCU.

EEG Sensor

Aurora measures one channel of EEG/EOG from modified EEG 10/20 locations (Fp1-Fp2 channel with FPz reference). Aurora leverages the powerful BMD101, a medically-validated EEG amplifier ASIC featuring:

  • Low Noise Analog front-end
  • Integrated high-pass filter removes DC components
  • Very High Sensor Impedance
  • Very Low Input-Referred Noise
  • Very Low Common-Mode-Rejection-Ratio (CMMR)
  • Very Low System Noise
  • Integrated Mains Hum Filtering ( 50 & 60 Hz notch filters )

Movement Tracking

Aurora measures 6-axis actigraphy: (X/Y/Z accelerometer & gyroscope), paving the way for a full range of motion, activity, heart rate and breathe tracking capabilities. Aurora uses the (MPU6050)[] with +/- 2G sensitivity.


Aurora contains 2 full-color LEDs positioned over each eye. LEDs are diffused by Aurora's occular lens before reaching your eyes.


All sensor and algorithm data measured by the device can be stored on the included 4Gb microSD card. Even with raw data stream file output enabled, Aurora can store well over 100 nights of data. This can replaced with a larger card if desired. See here for details.


Industry standard USB charging plus connectivity and data transfer via Aurora Desktop and USB virtual serial port communication. Aurora can also be placed in Mass Storage Device mode, allowing direct file access to Aurora's internal SD card.


Aurora's single button is mainly used to power on/off the device, however it can be programmed with custom behaviors and is also used to control certain REM stimulation features.


300mAH Lithium Polymer Battery. (> 1000 charges, 2-3 nights per charge)

Case Physical Dimensions

5.6cm(L) x 2.1cm(W) x 5.3 cm(H)


.032 kg

Operating Voltage

3.7 V


Fully Compliant with FCC emissions requirements (passed Oct 20 2016)

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