Special Thanks

Aurora was built from the ground up over several years and represents the state-of-the-art among comfortable EEG-based sleep-tracking devices. Besides the incredible amount of work the Aurora team spent designing, developing, and testing its hardware and software, Aurora stands on the shoulders of some amazing projects that deserve mentioning.


Embedded software is hard. Writing complex low-level drivers for UART and I2C communication is ridiculously hard. Luckily, a wonderful open-source embedded RTOS called ChibiOS makes embedded development fun again and brings with it a comprehensive set of peripheral drivers and more useful data structures than you can shake a stick at. Its sole creator and chief maintainer is both incredibly smart and generous with his time. If you are looking for an RTOS that's both high-performance and a pleasure to build upon, look no further.


Do you want to write a fully Windows-compatible and thread-safe FAT32 filesystem module in ANSI C from scratch? We sure didn't. The Aurora team avoided reinventing the wheel by taking advantage of the wonderful open-source filesystem module FatFS. We suggest you do the same.


In reality, much of what the Aurora team accomplished wouldn't have been possible without the contributions by so many supportive Kickstarter backers. (Special shout out to our "Founder Level" backers, Robert Rector and Michael Acra!) It took us wayyyyyy longer than expected and the road wasn't without significant hardships, however we were determined not to let down those that put so much faith in us. We are forever grateful to you all and hope you are as happy with the final product as we are!

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